seattle slew

A stunning tribute to one of the greatest Thoroughbreds that has ever lived...

1977 Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew, not only had what it took to win one of the World's most demanding and coveted sports titles, he also continues to leave an incredible legacy through his offspring. He is truly a legend in our time. Admired and missed by those who's lives have been touched by his greatness, Seattle Slew is a horse with few, if any, equals. What a tremendous honor it is to have been commissioned to offer his likeness in a realistically painted 3 dimensional sculpture to his many adoring fans.


This fine art sculpture captures Seattle Slew's dramatic and imposing presence as he thunders down the stretch towards victory!

Sculpted originally in clay by award winning artist Kitty Cantrell, each piece will be made of fine artist's quality resin. Each piece will then;be painted by hand by award winning artist, Caroline Boydston.Both artist's have captured the smallest details, including Seattle Slew's distinctive eyes, and finely chiseled facial structure.


seattle slew